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Digital Defence Services

Security is not an option.

We offer cybersecurity and privacy protection for you, your family, and your company’s corporate executives using enterprise-grade solutions and our own proprietary technology.

Threat Intelligence + Response

Our team of white hats have brought together a unique combination of services to provide you with privacy, cybersecurity and assurance in your digital world.

Managed Security Solutions

Ordinary anti-virus is not enough. Monitoring for your identity once it has been already stolen is a band-aid.

White hat hackers protect you from enemies unseen.

Using methods have been honed over the past twenty years, our team draws upon knowledge from the law enforcement, commercial media, financial, and defense sectors.



After performing an assessment of your digital life and reports on your vulnerabilities, we will show you where your weaknesses lie and how you can strengthen them to stay ahead of the latest malware.



We will limit your exposure not only to cybercriminals, but also to the
overzealous collection of personal data. We use our own mix of software and education to ensure your digital privacy is maintained.



IDAI monitors and responds to cyberthreats against you and your family. Then our team monitors your personal threat levels and responds to any inbound attacks as quickly as they arrive.

Human + Artifical Intelligence Monitoring

Digital Defense Arsenal

Endpoint DEFENCE
Threat Detection
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